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1 google search bar not working in internet explorer

How to resolve Google search bar not working in Internet Explorer

Internet has radically changed our way and how we communicate. The world has become more sort of a global village where we can contact to anyone from one part of the world to another. But the role of search engine in enhancing the rise of Internet cannot be ignored. These days there are plenty of internet search engines in the world. But no one comes closer in terms of Popularity  to “ GOOGLE ‘’. Google Customer Service  helps you assisting as well as guiding in fixing any problem without any much hassle.

Who doesn’t know about the Google? We already knew about the Google.  Everyone who surf the internet is pretty aware about the Google and their services Google is one of the world top’s search engines of the world. There is plenty of reason behind the Google leading almost 80% of internet traffic. One of the prime reasons behind the rise of its popularity is due to the fact of its accuracy; speed and quality of refine searches. Over the course of time it has diverse itself from search engines platform whether news, entertainment, social media as well as video sharing platform.  If you are Google user then one must have experience the quality of services it provides to user.  But sometimes user do face problems, one of the common problem user face while working on Google  is “Google search bar not working in i.e or internet explorer”.  There might be various reason behind such issue or further mostly due to compatibility. One can take the help of technical team or follow these common procedures:

  • First of all open your internet explorer.
  • Then further press the Alt+X key or one need to click or Tap on the Tools Name.
  • Further check whether size bytes remain at 982 bytes or click or Tap on compatibility view settings.
  • Again one needs to use the Microsoft compatibility list box, and further click on Close button.
  • The Google button will refresh on its own automatically and make sure that it display properly in IE.


Valuable source for human help by online Google support

In case, if one faces any issue regarding any issue then one need to Google technical support .Their tech support representatives will make sure that  whatever be the issue must be resolved on immediate basis. Their technical representatives are well versed in their domain and make sure that they problem are resolved on immediate basis.


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